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After years working for nonprofits, staffing agencies, and lending companies, Laura Nowlan took stock of her life and decided, or rather was inspired, to make a change. She tendered her resignation from a position that she excelled in and started on a journey to reconnect with her family and reinvigorate her spiritual life. While Laura knew that this was the path she needed to be on, it was not without its struggles. However, with every door that closed for Laura and her team, two more would open.

Laura was approached with many opportunities over the years but remained steadfast in her determination to open her staffing agency. Laura has said many times before, “I’m the staffing lady,” and she has certainly proven herself to be just that. In October of 2014, Laura and her business partner opened See Us Now Staffing, an agency committed to the development of local businesses and professionals alike.

While other agencies boast growth and national expansion, SUNS is interested primarily in bolstering their community, focusing on local clients and fostering each relationship with familial attention. The company’s mission is to set standards of excellence and integrity in the personnel staffing service industry, and VEDC has indeed offered support in the achievement of this worthy mission.

“Here to serve, not to be served”

Nowlan recounts a time when she and her team were evicted from their current office space with no notice and had less than 24 hours to relocate to a larger space in a different part of town. With the help of friends from VEDC and other groups (and a whole lot of ingenuity from Laura), the entire team was up and running in a new space by 6 p.m. the evening of their eviction. This story is just one of many examples Laura references when expressing that she and her team are doing what they are meant to do, a sentiment that runs through her business ventures as well. “Many are called, but few are chosen,” is the mantra that greets you when you visit

Not only does Nowlan run one of Las Vegas’ most premier staffing agencies, but she has also served as a longtime community business leader, helping to establish and develop the Nevada Hispanic Business Group, a dynamic and formidable organization bringing fresh ideas to both the Hispanic and non-Hispanic business communities. Laura has always taken roles of service in both her career and volunteerism, often saying, “I am here to serve, not to be served.” The spirit of duty that she carries with her is palpable in each one of her interactions.

Laura’s personal and professional journey is a testament to the power of a strong network, a strong vision, and strong faith in one’s work. When asked if she had any advice to impart to members of her community, Laura recalled some words of wisdom that a mentor once shared with her. First, Laura recommends that if you have a vision, that you craft that vision solo until you are ready to bring on a partner or individual contributors; this could help simplify the business planning process. Second, Laura prescribes a healthy dose of crazy if you are interested in starting your own business. You should understand the amount of emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual energy that building a team takes, says Laura. While Laura and her team had no shortage of the right attitude and compelling ideas, sometimes the difference between an office and no office, or financial backing or none, was a connection to people willing to help and invested community members.

As of August 2017, Laura Nowlan and the See Us Now Staffing team is growing with plans of portfolio expansion into human resources consultative services. We are all very excited to witness the great things that Laura and the See Us Now Staffing team does for the Las Vegas community!

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