Christy Echols – The Paragon Development Group

Christy Echols started The Paragon Development Group in 2012. “I wanted to create the freedom I desired in my life; freedom over my time, money, lifestyle, family and to be able to serve others that way I wanted to be able to serve. I came to a place in my career and personal life that I knew there was a greater purpose for me than what I was doing; I could not continue in the same day to day routine that I had for the past 19 years.”

”At Paragon, our services may not be that different from others in the community, but our personal approach is! It is truly our passion to serve our clients, see them grow personally and professionally. At Paragon, we serve with a spirit of excellence, providing the best service to our clients; that even means at times referring them to someone who may be able to serve them better.”

When asked about the advice she would offer to a new small business owner, Christy says “Define success for you! Not what others perceive as success, but what is that for you. When I faced a challenging time in the business, I thought I was a failure because I was not having the success that I thought I should be having at that season; what I perceived to be failure was not really failure at all.”

“The Nevada Women’s Business Center has been a huge part of in the success of our firm. From business development opportunities, support, education/training, connections, referrals, if I could sum it up, they have been a true champion of our firm and believing in what we are doing to serve our community and the business owners in.

Paragon Development Group